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Sullivan, Wood Capital Management, L.L.C. is a boutique, value driven, long-term focused, registered investment adviser based in Washington, D.C. At SWCM we believe in the ownership of securities in individual companies and invest in these businesses for the long term. We don’t invest in markets we invest in businesses and utilize concentrated portfolios. The investments we make can be made across all assets classes, stock, bonds, preferred securities and derivatives. The firm offers investment advice to individuals, high-net worth individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, trusts, profit sharing, and pension plans.

SWCM’s Professional Approach

  A personalized investment strategy
  A long-term relationship with an experienced portfolio manager
  Investment in businesses not funds
  Account consolidation; Individual, Retirement, Trust, etc.  All held by one independent custodian for easy review and access
  Ongoing oversight of individual securities by a professional manager
  Direct ownership of securities
  Progressive Money Management
  Comprehensive Quarterly Performance Reports
  A single annual fee for investment advisory services

Our Founder

James Arnold Sullivan, III

Founder, President, and Portfolio Manager
Founder, President, and Portfolio Manager Founded Sullivan Wood Capital Management in 2003 Over 25 years investment experience MBA – The McLaren...

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